www.Ottawa Valley Computer

20 years ago a group of people who were interested in computers decided to get together and form the Ottawa Valley Computer Club. These people were: Gail Kaechler, Chris Paulesse, Bob Dey, Gary Hartlin, Murray Fraser, Guy Frechette, Rob Farr, Chris Van Wert, Mike Doner, John Tabram and Norm Jones. (If I missed anyone, please let me know.)

Rob Farr put together a newsletter for the club for a number of years and in one of the isues introduced the Guy Frechette Award - in June 1996. Guy, one of the founding members, had passed away suddenly and the Club wanted to find a way to honour him. They decided to present a plaque to someone who, like Guy, contributed the most throughout the year, someone who helped the club grow and prosper through their actions.

The winner of the first annual Guy Frechette award was Joe Almassy. Pat Brennan was in close competition that same year. In subsequent years this award was presented to: John Pickett (96-97), Gerry Hengeveld (97-98), Pat Mathewson (98-99), and Fran Watson (99-00).

Over the years the newsletter became too expensive to produce and so it was dropped. Since then the club has had a couple of webpages, one set up by Chris Paulusse which was turned over to Fran Watson a few years ago and who set it up in the current format. Changes continue to be made to the format and to the information provided. Suggestions are always welcome and will be incorporated if at all possible.

You will find some pages of photographs taken at some of the meetings. There may be more, and if so I would certainly appreciate receiving them to include in our "scrapbook".

As a fairly recent member of the group, I do not have a lot of memories to share, but I have certainly enjoyed my association with the members of this club. There is a lot of good natured teasing that goes on, especially when Chris volunteers to take apart his laptop to show people the inner workings.

John Picket, who has since moved away, took his duties as Vice-President seriously. (John, could you make sure to have that coffee ready for the start of the meeting???? *grin*) Actually, John rarely missed a meeting, either executive or regular since he started coming out to the club. His knowledge and expertise were a welcome addition.

Chris Paulusse, our past President, worked very hard over the years and deserves a rest from the Presidency. Of course this left him free to pursue leadership in a couple of other clubs....LOL......but he managed for a while to make most of the executive and regular meetings; Although he hasn't made it out for a while, we hope he will return soon.

Gail Kaechler, who was our Treasurer for many years passed away. She kept our books in order as well as the guys on the executive! She is the reason I joined the club a couple of years ago (and she promptly nominated me for the position of webmaster........ thanks Gail, I think.... We miss you and think of you often)

There are a number of people that I have seen at meetings who no longer attend due to time constraints, and there are a number of new people who continue to come out. Hopefully all are made to feel welcome.

Fran Watson